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Dallas and its surrounding cities and towns are growing at a rapid pace. This increased growth brings with it an increase in tractor trailers on our roads. Having these large vehicles on our highways and in our communities on a daily basis means a higher likelihood of an auto accident involving a tractor trailer.  

The USDOT and TxDOT have regulations for safe operation of tractor trailers. Often, owners and operators are in violation of one or more of these regulations. Many drivers rush to make deliveries on time, skip over required vehicle maintenance, lack required safety training or drive for more hours than are safe. Drivers can be fatigued, inexperienced and overworked. This leads to unnecessary accidents and injuries. It is no surprise that tractor trailers can cause more severe accidents because of their increased weight and the loads they are carrying. The property damage to your vehicle and bodily injuries can be catastrophic if you're in an accident with a tractor trailer. 

Finding the Right Attorney For Your Trucking Accident

There are many factors that must be considered in accidents involving commercial trucking. Large trucking corporations have strong representation on their side to fight against accident claims.  At CrashLawyers we know the factors leading up to an accident and the proper questions to ask when handling your trucking accident case. We will look to those responsible for the driver training and vehicle maintenance to ensure that your rights are fully protected. We look at things such as;

  • When were the truck's brakes last inspected?

  • How much weight was the truck carrying?

  • Did the driver complete the required safety training?

  • Does the company have a Safety Director?

  • Are the log books in compliance?

  • Was the driver under the influence or fatigued in any way? 

You can be confident that your case won't be treated "like a number" at our firm. If you are hit by a semi truck or involved in an accident with any type of commercial vehicle, contact us immediately. We will need to get to work right away to fight your case and recover for your injuries 


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