Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle laying on the ground after being hit by a car

Motorcycle Accidents in Texas

We are motorcyclists ourselves and many of Texas' roads are ideal for a picturesque motorcycle ride. Unfortunately, motorcycles are frequently involved in serious accidents with other vehicles. In 2014, Texas had over 2,000 accidents that involved motorcycles. Many of those were fatal or caused life changing injuries.

Motorcycle accidents frequently occur because other drivers did not see the motorcycle on the roadway. In addition, those on a motorcycle are less protected from injury than someone in a car or truck. Motorcycles don't have seat belts, so injuries can be caused by the impact with another vehicle and from being ejected off your motorcycle. Another major factor in motorcycle accidents is poorly maintained roads in Texas. Motorcycles hit potholes or uneven pavement and poor signage. Contact us immediately if you have been in any type of motorcycle accident that wasn't your fault.   

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Who Can Help

There are many things motorcycle riders can do to keep themselves safe on roadways, but even the most experienced and safest riders can't protect themselves against a negligent driver in a car or truck. At we help victims of motorcycle accidents, and their families, during a difficult time. We do this by handling your case effectively and efficiently. Our team will get to work the day you contact us and begin investigating your claim.

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