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Were you injured in an accident that was not your fault?


Have you sustained an injury because of another driver's negligence?


Our Team of Personal Injury Lawyers will Fight to Recover what your case Deserves!

Kelly Powers has over 10 years experience fighting for those injured in motor vehicle and trucking accidents. The Powers & Associates team will effectively manage your case from start to finish and walk you through every aspect of your recovery. Our attorneys will gather the necessary information and pertinent details about your accident in order to build the strongest case possible and ensure that maximum compensation is obtained. We have a team of doctors, chiropractors, dentists, and other medical professionals that will help you recover as fast as possible even if you do not have insurance.

In Texas, the law allows you to make a claim as a result of a car accident where you are not at fault. In the initial call, we will determine if there is a genuine claim to be made. If a genuine claim is determined, you may be entitled to following types of compensation.

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of consortium



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