Bicycle Accidents

Childs bicycle and helmet laying on the ground after being hit by a car

Hit by a car on your bicycle? 

Bike lanes in the Metroplex? Not so much! Most major roads in the DFW Metroplex do not have designated bike lanes. In fact, Texas is the second most populated state in the U.S. but ranks 30th in bike friendliness. This combined with distracted driving, texting while driving and driving under the influence increases bicycle related incidents exponentially. Cycling is especially dangerous in North Texas as distracted drivers simply do not notice bicycles around them. 

Bicyclists are required to follow the same rules as vehicle drivers. There are many precautions that bicyclists can take to protect themselves on Texas roads. However, that does not mean that bicyclists are completely shielded from accidents. Hundreds of people are injured in bicycle accidents on Texas roads each year. 

At we know that injuries sustained in bicycle accidents are often more severe than car accidents and these cases can be especially emotional because many times the victims are children. We are ready to handle your case with the necessary compassion and attention to detail it deserves and help you through this trying time.

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